ICPC | Coaching Core Competences


“Wake Up Coaching” is ICPC’s Core Competencies Development Model, regarded as a mandatory high standard criteria for the education, development and professional activities of the certified Coach. This model promotes personal development as an essential pillar. materialized in the Coach’s role. The practice is carried out through a CO-ORIENTATION between Client and Coach. In this sense consolidates a relationship of respect and fairness in the process.

The foundation and structure of this model is the following:



This area explains the dynamics related to the Goal. It answers the client’s “what?” and poses as a key element throughout the whole coaching process relying on:

Competence to establish a connection with the coache in which the process, the mutual respect, the confidentiality, the space and the reach of coaching sessions become absolutely clear and produce results;

Competence to focus the coachee on goal definition, aiming to clarify the specific objective of the goal and avoiding all sorts of distractions;

Competence to evaluate the coachee’s goal and present reality, considering his/her’s rhythms, skills, and the expected life, emotional, knowledge and even spiritual impacts;

Competence to resume, synthesise and feed-back the coachee in all key elements of his/her’s speech as a way of validating it’s contents and their actual meaning.

This area focuses the personal dimension of the coaching process. It is related to the “Who?” factor and explores, stimulates and enhances the capacities of both intervenients.

Competence to establish rapport and personal relationship, based on trust, respect and work complicity, within the boundaries established by the code of ethics;

Competence to empower the coachee’s self trust, knowledge, capabilities, and orientation towards goals and results of excellence, and to enhance his/her’s full potential throughout all coaching sessions;

Competence to use active listening, through questions, pauses/silences, gestures or any other appropriate communication resources, as a way to provide the coachee with trust worthy feedback and adequate questions;

Competence to retrieve the adequate question based on the coachee’s communication (words, phrases, expressions, questions, gestures and other signs of body language) so that he/she can actively move forward towards the goal.

This area refers to the set of activities that the coach must conduct in order to assist the coachee in achieving his/her’s goal.

Competence to assist the coachee in sketching an array of specific actions to ensure the expected results by stimulating the coachee’s creativity and capacity of innovation to find new solutions/opportunities and by exploring the pros and cons of different sceneries;

Competence to assist the coachee in establishing priorities, tasks, deadlines and control dates/checkpoints, in order to maximize the efficiency of the course of actions;

Competence to assist the coachee in the overall tracking of the achieved results (conquests and/or detours), to ensure motivation throughout the whole process and to raise awareness about his/her’s new higher levels of knowledge and/or new skills.

Competence to correctly identify the achieved results and to praise the client for his/her’s deeds/results and raise awareness about the key elements that produced the desired change. Co-results is also about exiting the coaching process in a professional manner, leaving space for the coachee to be the protagonist of his/her’s accomplishments and to celebrate the results.