Hiring hints

All professional coaches accredited by the ICPC have a deep education and experience in order to provide you with an excellent service. They received a proper certified professional training, designed to enhance Coaching skills within the ICPC core competencies and code of ethics.

When looking to hire a coach, keep the following steps in mind:

  • Educate yourself about Coaching. Many articles, case studies, and books have been written about Coaching in the past years and pose a useful fount of information. Make sure that info comes from credible and reliable sources;
  • Define, within the scope of an inner reflection, the objectives and motives for which you feel that a Coaching process would benefit you;
  • Ask friends and people you trust that have already engaged in a Coaching process for their opinion and experience in both searching a coach and engaging the process;
  • Contact several coaches before you make a decision. The professional relationship in a Coaching process relies on connection, rapport and trust. The Coach is the mirror of your emotions and challenges so you must be confortable to share informations and emotions with that person.
  • Ask them for their credentials, experience, qualifications, skills, area of expertise and references. You can also ask about their Coaching philosophy, their case studies/success stories and the type os assessmens they are qualified to deliver. All these questions will certainly help you come across the best choice.